A mentor is someone who can support and hold a strong container for the other to dive into transformation. This is a sacred space for any and all to emerge into their fullest potential. 

This is beyond the paradigm of fixing or healing. This is Empowerment! You are supported and guided into deeper states of self-inquiry. This allows for your divine spark and authentic self to fully emerge bringing forth their own personal healing and transformation.

Self-discovery and realization are involutionary processes which unfold organically during a facilitation that is grounded in trust and integrity. Sessions are guided to delve into challenges, blocks, and other programmings, bringing them to the forefront of the conscious mind. This conscious awareness allows for personal healing, through the reawakening of the internal wisdom that is housed in every being.

Sessions are held when you are in need of supportive renewal. Typically this is a long-term relationship that is based on resonance.

*** Each session is held via a Zoom chat room and can run between 1.5-2 hours. All mentoring and shared discussion are strictly confidential. This is one aspect of the sacred container we create together.