Yogi Science of Titiksha


As a follow up on this week's article, let's explore the Practice of Titiksha. Remeber, pain is a signal of messages from the brain to the body that something needs immediate attention. 
Titiksha is the Yogi art and science of remaining even-minded while watching and analyzing these perceived messages. This is mastery of your energetic bodies that creates mental endurance and nonattachment.
Opportunities for practicing Titiksha are plentiful. Here are a few states.
1. being sad or in a melancholy state
2. experiencing bodily pain ( this is not a time to ignore or deny, but an opportunity to go deeper)
3. extremes states of heat
4. extreme states of cold
5. even when one has become over ecstatic or vexed for a material gain.
***** may all beings find balance and inner harmony!

Seraph Sananda Melchizedek