My Beloved brought forth a powerful reminder as we set our intentions going into meditation.  This was GRATITUDE.  To have gratitude is to be THANKFUL. This is found in the most simple aspects of our expressed life and own being.

Gratitude originates from gratitudinem (nominative gratitudo) "thankfulness," from Latin gratus "thankful, pleasing".  Just as we may be on the receiving end of gratis (meaning free of charge, for thanks, or favor) this is the concept that at times we may fall back on.

When we are going through a period of contraction or dancing with the Shadow, it can seem to be a daunting experience but is truly a period of REFINEMENT! We may even temporarily slip into a state of forgetfulness and delusion perceiving our situation as a cruel misfortune. By slipping into this state, we lower our vibration and make our direct connection to source a bit murkier. As this veil clouds our communication with Source/God, it also impacts our connection with the individual spark of DIVINE EXPRESSION.

Hara Merge.png

Gratitude is a genteel practice that supports all seasons of life. Calling in and retaining this high expression cultivates our innate standings as CO-CREATORS where we are not victims of circumstance, but instead creating the multitude of experiences to remember our truest Self. Gratitude itself can pierce through any victim-consciousness and graciously guide us through periods of contractions and slight forgettings.

GRATITUDE is our natural state! In this space, we can deeply connect and anchor in unconditional LOVE. We first feel it in ourselves and then we see it expanding in the field, connecting all of LIFE. In gratitude, we can commune intimately with the ONE. Gratitude is the doorway and catalyst to merge into the beloved SOURCE. Here we become thankful for all that has come, all that will be, just as it is.

In Love & Gratitude,