The Divine Seat - The Throne of Self Love

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I have been quiet for the past month as I've been recalibrating the golden frequencies within my field. I'm sure you can attest to these enlivening times as we connect to deeper aspects of our divine being.  We are witnessing unparalleled moments of instant manifestation and deep stirrings of release. These are very immersive, but also delicate processes. It's a path of true surrender!

We are entering the Satya Yuga or Golden Age and it is with my sincere knowing that new leadership is transparent and vulnerable. From this space, we can connect to the great I AM PRESENCE and be in humble service. Your service or your purpose comes from your unique life experience and coding. I've been given a great reminder where this is held - my sacred container. The body never lies, it is the grounding aspect of the higher realms.  

My body gave me the message that it was making space to fully anchor in my Divine Presence. I was holding a fracture in my field. This was one of incomplete Self Love. At one point in my journey, I held so much shame around even admitting to myself, much less anyone else, that I did not unconditionally love this presence. I have reclaimed this piece back, as this no longer holds power over me, nor does it house shame. The magnetics have been released and it now carries medicine to share with others. This is the coding!

Much of my incarnation has been one of the path of bodily healing. For many years, I dealt with hormonal imbalances which induced and affected incredibly painful menstruation cycles with many other physical ailments. As I have done much work on this throughout my journey, many if not all these issues became aligned and were no longer triggered. Until recently...

The last episode was incredibly painful and debilitating. This is the type of pain that is quite ceremonial. There is no escaping, there are no thoughts, there is only breath and pure surrender to the eternal moment. I knew something profound was shifting; a complete release that you do not meet until the birthing hour has waned.

The reproductive organs are the endocrine portals that connect to the sacral chakra energy system. This is Svadhisthana. The word 'svadhisthana' is derived from the Sanskrit word- 'swa' meaning "one's own" and 'adhisthana' meaning "dwelling place" - hence leading to the meaning - "One's own residence." The Divine Seat or the Throne of Self Love.

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Much is written on this. What is typical is only a small part: creativity, pleasure, and sensuality. What was being shown to me about core woundings held in the sacral center is about relating. This is how we relate to our world, others, but most importantly to ourselves. The seat to our relating is through our emotional bodies. If our parents or caretakers could not be a mirror for emotional honesty or fulfill our needs for safety in releasing or receiving love then we start to formulate beliefs that we hold and continue to express from this sacral center. This can feel like unworthiness, not being valued, or simply feeling unwanted, or not needed. These beliefs are then expressed in any dynamic of our lives from the conscious to the deeply buried unconscious.

The way to transcend this faulty programming is being emotionally honest with ourselves first. You live this by doing what you enjoy without permission. Complete Self Love is the authentic YOU without apology. It is realizing that what you feel is true for your expression and does not need to be buried or suppressed. Your flavor, your medicine, your unique essence is needed and welcomed.

To emanate the Divine Within and to be in Unity, we must truly love our individuated divergence. The breakthrough of all conditioning is unconditional Love of SELF.

Only that which is truly ourselves has the power to heal. -C. G. Jung