Innocence Through Vulnerability


The path of surrender and dismantling of the ego happens through a state of vulnerability.

Being vulnerable allows us to show up laying down our personas, masks, and projections. We are no longer in a defense, nor are we manipulating energy to control the environment, which otherwise leads to Self-Betrayal.

There is nothing to hide, nor protect, gain, or even loose in this space. In this vulnerability our Divine Presence begins to emanate with the surrender of defense, allowing innocence to emerge.

Innocence allows authentic Self to pour through because it moves past our conditioning and limiting beliefs. Innocence through vulnerability allows for true connection as it also allows for the other to be truly seen. In this space, joy flows freely as fear, attachment, and control begin there descent.

This is reflected in our or awe of children. The innocence of a child highlights these attributes as they show up in a pure state, free of a fully developed ego. The opposite reflection can also be gifted if we find the annoyance in children. This can show us that perhaps we too are still in fear or denial of allowing our innocence to shine through by being vulnerable in our co-created reality. 

Our vulnerability can bring swift change. It allows for the dismantling of hierarchy, releasing control as nothing is above or below Self. It's a courageous act as it holds the space for anything and everything to be as it is. It is a step into Sovereignty, claiming our power and freedom from all bondage. The veils of illusion begin to pull back and we are left with a deeper awareness, in the end, all that was required was only to BE.